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I have a book to be perfect bound[1] and I'm trying to work out what imposition 
to use.

The printer would like 4 A5 pages laid out on A3 e.g.

|   |   |
| a | b |
|   |   |
|   |   |
| c | d |
|   |   |

so that he can cut the paper and simply stack a, b, c, & d on top of each other 
and then put them in the binding machine[2].

If the book is 40 pages long, say, then stack 'a' has page 1 on the top, page 2 
on the reverse, then the next sheet has page 3 and 4, and so on down to the 
last sheet which has page 9 on the front and page 10 on the back. Stack 'b' 
would have page 11 on the front, 12 on the back and so on, so that each stack 
has a quarter of the book.

Is this something LMTX can do and if so what combination of \setuplayout and 
\setuppaper do I need to use? If they can be printed in reverse order then 
great but I assume the printer can do that fairly easily. If not, is there a 
recommended external program that can do it?

I've tried \setuplayout[4*2] and XY with 2x2 but neither output is what I need.

You meant \setuparranging, didn’t you?
has an example on how to create your own scheme.

Good luck!

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