last week we had a long thread about non-printing PDF on this list and
together with Hans I tracked down the issue and we found a fix.
Since it changes some details of how PDFs are generated by LMTX, we'd
like to test this change first on a wide range of software and

So please: Try to preview and then try to print the attached PDF;
and report back if either preview or printout does not look like
the attached reference PNG image (i.e. something is missing,
the fonts look different, or have wrong relative size.)

If you use other PDF tools in your workflow, please also check they
continue to work as before (and just as well as with MKIV-generated PDFs).

Attachment: fontmatrixtest.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Thank you very much,
Leah Neukirchen  <l...@vuxu.org>  https://leahneukirchen.org/
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