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>>>> Hi,
>>>> is there a way to have something like
>>>> \setuppapersize[A5][A4]
>>>> but have the "inner paper size" be a computed fit like in
>>>> \startTEXpage?
>>>> Or, alternatively, is there is a way to print crop marks around
>>>> an environment like \startTEXpage?
>>> Can you be more concrete what your goal is, there are a few ways to solve
>>> your problem but with a few more information we can give you a good
>>> solution.
>> Say I want to print some stickers or paper strips of non-fixed size,
>> and get crop marks around them to know where to cut.
>> With \setuppapersize and \setuparranging I can do this nicely if I
>> know the size in advance, but in some cases I don't.
> \definepapersize
>   [label]
>   [width=6cm,
>    height=25mm]

But that requires knowing the size in advance.  Think of the labels in
a museum that depend how long the description is. ;)

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