Hi Tommaso,

> I'm trying to install ConTeXt Standalone on my Mac (macOS 12.6 Monterey and
> Apple M2 chip) but at the end of the installation the ConTeXt-MkIV folder
> (where I install Standalone) on the disk weighs only 7MB (the tex tree is
> created, but its folders are empty).
> I've never had a problem installing it on my old computer (Intel processor).
> Do you know if it is a known problem?
> These are the commands I used (taken from the wiki):
> rsync -av rsync: //contextgarden.net/minimals/setup/first-setup.sh .
> sh ./first-setup.sh --modules = all --fonts = all --goodies = all --context
> = latest --engine = luatex
> Where am I wrong?

I think that MkIV has been frozen since before macOS ARM was released,
so I wouldn't be surprised if an ARM version just doesn't exist.

I've never used macOS, but if this worked on your Intel Mac, then you
can try running the installer via Rosetta instead of running it
directly. TeX is so fast that the Rosetta emulation will have fairly
little overhead.

> LMTX installation, on the other hand, should be successful (the folder
> weighs 297.8 MB, as much as the Standalone one should weigh).

You can still use MkIV with the LMTX installation. Just run 

   context --luatex document.tex
instead of the usual

   context document.tex
TeX Live also supports macOS ARM and includes MkIV if you want another
installation option.

-- Max
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