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from what I understand is that undefined TeX commands cannot be added to
Lua comments.

Indeed. Of course we could have some 'ignore undefined command' feature but that cripples the engine as well as then also never gives warning in the case you *do* want to expand.

If I’m not wrong (in my previous statement), I think this is
counterintuitive, since undefined commands are fine in TeX comments and
undefined variables are fine inside \startluacode … \stopluacode.
I bet you'd complain if \the\scratchdimen would not expand. You cannot expect context to completely parse what goes into lua beforehand, unless you are willing to get a performance hit (apart from a waste of time).

And even if we'd make e.g. - active (with some lookahead magick) and then gobble till the end of the line we would get questions why it doesn't work in macros.

It's a small price to pay. (I also bet that Bruce is willing to \relax the command.)

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