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> Using Fedora 37 (and having just installed Okular), I see that
> annotations are tricky to open in Okular.
> First you have to select the Annotations tab on the left pane, go to the
> annotation and then right-click on it to open (the pop-up note).
> Evince has a more effective approach: double-clicking on the icon opens
> the note (afaIk, this is similar to Acrobat). Right you are, it works with 
> your method, thanks!
> I think the students have Evince so perhaps it's the best solution in the 
> absence
 there are some provisions for spaces in text but for verbatim it is a
bit more tricky


you now see visual spaces show up that can be copied

now, say that we add real spaces, which you can do after and this (in

\setvalue{\??typingspace\v!character}{\chardef\obeyedspace32 }

and then:


in sumatra pdf:

default   : spaces are copied as spaces (so three become three
on        : visual spaces for every one
character : funny newlines when more than two spaces 

OK, I see, thanks for the explanation! Indeed, when I look at the
makeup, there is no glue there to offset the line. But in Okular it just
ignores those spaces. 

> Cheats that add some kerning before and after confuse viewers even more.
> so: this is all very viewer dependent! (The suggested comment method is more 
> reliable.)
> Hans

Unfortunately as I just found out, comments are also viewer dependent...
For instance in Firefox, indentations are lost. 

So for now, attached files for longer snippets and visual spaces with a
string replacement operation afterwards are the way to go it seems. 

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