So … the server now runs Ubuntu 22.04. Jay!

This was a much harder upgrade though. Various things were wrong, and are 
likely still a bit wrong in places. Robbert had to rescue the network 
configuration that went missing completely after the upgrade (requiring a trip 
to the data center). Various packages have been discontinued by our linux 
distribution, including the version of the mailing list software that we use 
(so that had to be installed manually). The new version of php is much stricter 
than the old version (so some website hacks were also needed). Et cetera. It 
has been a “process” ...

The basic functionality appears to be back online, although the web interface 
to the mailing lists does not work yet (we will try to fix that tomorrow). But 
there are likely to be small problems with other services still. Please *do* 
let me know if you notice something odd!

In any case, today was the last of the big software update procedures (at least 
for the next year or so).

Best wishes,
Taco and Jules and Robbert

> On 6 Apr 2023, at 18:20, Taco Hoekwater <t...@bittext.nl> wrote:
> If you notice anything wrong, please warn either me personally or 
> ntg-ser...@ntg.nl. 
> Unless major problems develop, we will continue the update process on Tuesday 
> afternoon. 

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