On Sun, Apr 16, 2023 at 08:28 (-0400), Carlos via ntg-context wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 15, 2023 at 02:27:56PM -0300, Jim via ntg-context wrote:
>> In the wiki page https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Indentation there is the
>> following example:

>> %------------------------------------------------------------------------

>> \setupindenting[medium,yes]
>> \setupitemize[indentnext=auto]

>>   \startitemize
>>     \item One
>>   \stopitemize

>> This paragraph should be indented - due to the blank line after 
>> \type{\stopitemize}.

>>   \startitemize
>>     \item Two
>>   \stopitemize
>> This paragraph should not be indented.

>> %------------------------------------------------------------------------

>> Tragically, the paragraph which claims it should be indented is not, in
>> both my test and the wiki page itself.

>> Is this a documentation bug, a ConTeXt bug, or something else yet?

> I don't know.

OK, but I wasn't asking you specifically.

> Why would it be a documentation bug if it clearly says it should be
> indented only after the blank line, unless \indent was omitted on purpose
> while trying to make it look as if the blank line would have any effect
> after all.  Makes no sense.

Have you never run into a documentation bug before?  Happy you!

I see two possibly reasons for a documentation bug here (there might be more):
(1) The documentation was incorrect at time of writing.  Humans have been
    known to make mistakes.
(2) The semantics of \setupitemize might have changed since the documentation
    was written, and the change has not yet been reflected in this
    particular piece of documentation.
    This would not be the first time that documentation changes lagged
    behind code changes.

The point is, there is a disconnect between the documentation says will
happen and what actually happens.  I don't know which is wrong, and thus my
question.  I hope that sooner or later someone who can definitively comment
on the disconnect will speak up.

> \setupindenting[medium,yes]
> \setupitemize[indentnext=auto]

> \starttext
>   \startitemize
>     \item One
>   \stopitemize\indent%blank line

> This paragraph should be indented - due to the blank line after 
> \type{\stopitemize}.

>   \startitemize
>     \item Two
>   \stopitemize

> \noindent{\dorecurse{10}{\indent This paragraph should not be indented.}}
> \stoptext
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