Hi, as most of you know, I’m the editor of context journal, the annual magazine for all members of context group, AKA “proceedings of the [previous] ConTeXt meeting”.

While I have some experience as an editor in German, my English is far from perfect, so I need to rely on a native speaker for proofreading.

In the least years, Clyde was filling that role very diligently, but he just moved and can’t make the time again.

Deadline for the current issue is only in August, but we’re already at ~100 pages with the articles I got (by Willi, Willi, Willi, Taco, Taco, Götz, and me) and I’d like to spread the work a bit.

* Would you like to help with that? *

– You don’t need to understand the code.
– I want the text to be correct and understandable, we don’t need to reach literary quality.
– You can work in PDF or in the sources, as you like.
– More than one person is welcome.

BTW I never thought of offering “our” articles to TUG and NTG, while I sometimes got articles that were published in TUGboat or MAPS first. (And I’m writing/translating for DANTE’s DTK regularly.) I’ll start to do that, since “recycling” makes sense, and it also can’t hurt to spread the word.

This is also a reminder to hand in your talks from Dreifelden – or new articles!

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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