Thank you, Pablo, but that doesn't help. I know how to use fallback fonts. I was wondering if the check key is working as it should.


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Hi Thomas,

I don’t know what check does (maybe just check?), but the standard
behaviour with \definefallbackfamily is only to fall back when the
character is missing from the main font.

To force all characters from the range in the fallback font, "force=yes"
is required.

Here you have a minimal sample (which doesn‘t use "preset=range:greek"),
adding "force=yes" gets all Greek glyphs from GFS Heraklit:

   \definefallbackfamily [presentation] [serif] [GFSHeraklit]
   [range={greekandcoptic, greekextended}]
   \definefontfamily [presentation] [serif] [TeXGyrePagella]
   \setupbodyfont [presentation,12pt]


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