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This is probably for Hans:

The list of Unicode blocks in char-ini.lua is not complete, compared with
(I was looking for Kaktovik numerals, of course ;))

hm, here i have

    ["kaktoviknumerals"]                            = { first = 0x1D2C0, last = 0x1D2DF,              description = "Kaktovik Numerals" },

Oh, sorry, I was just looking at the source browser. Garden isn’t current.

I’d offer to make an updated list, but maybe you already have a script for that?
yes, (of course) i have a script that i run when there is an update which then tells me what to add to the tables (not that much work, mostly emoiji and soem rare scripts nowadays)

Thought so.

maybe nice for a demo at the ctx meeting (generate new files, visually diff them so get the picture and then merge)


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