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I realise that I should have been talking about the space between local footnotes, rather than interlinespace (previous email on this issue), but my basic problem still stands. My efforts to influence the space between footnotes placed locally is to no avail so far.

I assume it is \setupnote (rather than \setupnotation, my earlier mistake) where I would need to somehow influence distance between footnotes which is currently too large. I have tried \setupnote[before={\blank[small]}, after={\blank[small]}]. It appears to be reducing the space before the entire block of local footnotes but not between the footnotes themselves, which is what I am trying to do.

Did you try "inbetween" or "distance"? (I’d assume the latter is for the distance between number and text, but inbetween is usually vertically.)

Am I correct in assuming that the \setupnote should influence my \placelocalfootnotes? Or is there something else I should do in the case of local footnotes as distinct from general footnotes (my document contains ONLY local footnotes, however).

I was wondering if \setupnote[localfootnote][…] makes sense, but I can’t find in the sources if local footnotes are setup differently from general one.


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