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What about creating a repository called: 'templates' or 'resources' - we can
figure out the exact name later.

Why not use the wiki for such documents? For fonts, there is already a wiki 
page collecting typescripts:

There are also a collection of templates which are already on the wiki:

It is not about duplicating the Context garden site but to collect code in a
place where we could gradually fix possible errors or introduce improvements.

This can be done on the wiki as well.

I agree that it makes most sense to keep examples and (font) setups in the wiki.

Projects with several files, like modules, should have their own (git) repositories. (The scripts at can pull releases directly from a repository.)

I think it’s better to have (and manage) your own account somewhere and link to it from the wiki than to use the “official” account for stuff that is not part of ConTeXt proper.

My stuff is at; some of that would also make (more) sense in the wiki.


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