Hi conTeXt folks,

may I ask again. How could I debug the font typesetting of PDF files with 

Any help is highly appreciated.

Best Werner

On April 21, 2023 1:29:18 PM UTC, Werner Schmidt via ntg-context 
<ntg-context@ntg.nl> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'd like to use the commercial Adobe Kepler typeface (Kepler Std - version 
>2.020) in conTeXt (v2023-04-15) as text (serif) font. Although the font files 
>are loaded correctly (see log below), the generated PDF is unreadable (see 
>attached image).
> - Only serif font (keplerstd-light.otf) is not working. It's not embedded in 
> the generated PDF.
> - italics and bold fonts are embedded and are rendered well
> - Can't provide font files because Kepler is a commercial typeface
>Do you have any ideas how to debug this issue?
>Thanks Werner
>log file:
>mkiv lua stats > loaded fonts: 10 files: fontawesome6freesolid900.otf, 
>frutigernextpro-bold.otf, frutigernextpro-regular.otf, 
>iosevka-term-ss09-light.ttf, keplerstd-light.otf, keplerstd-lightcapt.otf, 
>keplerstd-lightit.otf, keplerstd-semibold.otf, latinmodern-math.otf, 
>mkiv lua stats > font engine: otf 3.133, afm 1.513, tfm 1.000, 30 instances, 
>18 shared in backend, 3 common vectors, 15 common hashes, load time 0.449 
>This text can't be read in PDF.par
>{it However, italics are working.}par
>{bold Also Bold and bfem BoldItalics!}par
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