On Wed, 26 Apr 2023, Jeroen via ntg-context wrote:

> I am using OpenSCAD to create drawings with the filter module with the
> following MWE:
> \usemodule[filter]
> \defineexternalfilter[openscad]
>   [filtercommand={/context/openscad/openscad -o \externalfilteroutputfile},
>    output={\externalfilterbasefile.png},
>    cache=force,
>    readcommand=\ReadImage]
> \define[1]\ReadImage{\externalfigure[#1]}
> \starttext
> \startopenscad
>   square(4,2);
> \stopopenscad
> \stoptext
> This works fine. I now want to use the following options added to the
> command line: --view axes,edges,scales --viewall
> When I create an Openscad file test.scad, I can run it fine with the
> following command line at a CLI window:
> openscad.com test.scad -o test.png --view axes,edges,scales --viewall
> When I add this to the filtercommand as following
> [filtercommand={/context/openscad/openscad -o
> \externalfilteroutputfile --view axes,edges,scales --viewall}
> I cannot get it to run. Is there anything I am missing?

My guess is that you need:

[filtercommand={/context/openscad/openscad -o \externalfilteroutputfile\space 
--view axes,edges,scales --viewall}

this is because any macro \something gobbles the space after that. 

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