Hi Lynx,

>         * How can I be sure that the standalone version is the one being
> implemented?

It depends on what your $PATH is set to. On Linux/macOS, you can run

   $ type -ap context

to list all the ConTeXts in your $PTAH. The first one in that list is
the one that will be ran by default.

If you want to always run the standalone version, then you'll need to
make sure that your ConTeXt directory comes before your TL directory in
your PATH. On Linux/macOS, you'd add something like

   export PATH="/path/to/context/bin/:$PATH"
to your ~/.profile; on Windows, you can use the "setx" command. Googling
something like "add location to path" will get you more specific
instructions for your OS/shell.

>         * How do I update the standalone version

Just run the installer again. On my system, I run

   $ cd /opt/context
   $ sudo sh ./install.sh

> (I assume that, as of today,
> it is already the most up-to-date version


> if and when it is
> required or desired to do so?

You only need to update ConTeXt if a new update fixes a bug that affects
you or adds a new feature that you want. Most updates are announced on
the list, so you could just update whenever you see a new update. Or you
could just try updating once per week. You could also just never update.
Up to you.

The general recommendation is to save an old copy of the ConTeXt folder
before you update in case something breaks. I've never done this before
though since I can usually patch the bugs myself, and I can always fall
back on the version in TL if something is really broken.

-- Max
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