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%%%% begin example
\definefontfamily [noto-jp] [rm] [Noto Serif CJK JP]
\definefontfamily [noto-jp] [ss] [Noto Sans CJK JP]
\definetypeface   [noto-jp] [mm] [math] [pagella] [default]

\setupbodyfont [noto-jp]

\mainlanguage [ja]

\setscript [nihongo]

Thank you.

How do I change that in my setup?

My setup is creating the same stuff in different languages from XML input (LMTX using lua and METAPOST), which means I need to adapt the following setup (cyrillic and greek shown as the other languages with different character sets I use)


When your document prints only text in a single language change the setup above to

    \startmode [JA]
        \setscript [nihongo]
        \mainlanguage [ja]

but for documents which use multiple script/languages at the same time replace the previous setup with

    \startsetups [japanese]
        \setscript [nihongo]

    \setuplanguage [ja] [setups=japanese]

and add \language[ja] before japanese text to ensure linebreaking is enabled.


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