Dear list,

I have just updated to current latest (2023.04.27 17:04).

I always delete cache with "mtxrun --generate" after an update.

When I try to create the format file with "context --make --all", I get
the following error message:

lua error       > lua error on line 645 in file context.mkxl:

token call, execute: ...ext/base/mkxl/cldf-pos.lmt:18: attempt to index
a nil value (global 'posit') stack traceback:
        ...ext/base/mkxl/cldf-pos.lmt:18: in local 'code'
        ...ext/base/mkiv/util-lua.lua:96: in field 'loadedluacode'
        ...ext/base/mkiv/luat-env.lua:108: in field 'luafilechunk'
        ...ext/base/mkxl/luat-cod.lmt:82: in function 'lua.registercode'
        [ctxlua]:1: in main chunk
<empty file>
A number should have been here; I inserted '0'. (If you can't figure out
why I needed to see a number, look up 'weird error' in the index to The

Could anyone confirm the issue?

Many thanks for your help,

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