Hi all,

I wanted to define a custom math function (similar to log etc.) for
argmax. However, I wanted to have a small space between "arg" and "max"
and limits should work properly. I am using a up-to-date LMTX installation.

Without the first constraint it's easy:

> % old way:
> \definemathcommand[argmax][limop]{\mfunction[argmax]}
> % new way, discoverd by looking into math-def.mkxl
> \definemathfunction[argmax]

However, both methods do not work if I want to have "arg\,max" printed
(error about \endcsname missing). With mkiv the first method works and
can also be found in the wiki[1].

What's the current way to define such a custom math function?


[1]: https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Math/functions
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