I upgraded today my OBSD to 7.3 and… realized too late that texlive binaries were on the compile farm, but not the lmtx ones. That was the opportunity to learn self-install, though.
I compiled the binary, but I am stuck with the next step

What I did:

- rm -rf /usr/local/context/* (now I suspect I should have first updated my 7.2 installation and then, after upgrading to 7.3, compiled the binaries…)
- download  https://www.pragma-ade.nl/context/latest/cont-tmf.zip
- unpacked it into /usr/local/context (unzip cont-tmf.zip -d /usr/local/context/)
- cd /usr/local/context/source/luametatex
- ./build.sh --native

Compilation succeeded, looks like the binary lies in

What's the next step?

There was this message:

tex trees

resources like public fonts  : tex/texmf/....
the context macro package    : tex/texmf-context/....
the luametatex binary        : tex/texmf-native/bin/...
optional third party modules : tex/texmf-context/....
fonts installed by the user  : tex/texmf-fonts/fonts/data/....
styles made by the user      : tex/texmf-projects/tex/context/user/....


tex/texmf-<your platform>/bin/luametatex : the compiled binary (some 2-3MB) tex/texmf-<your platform>/bin/mtxrun : copy of or link to luametatex tex/texmf-<your platform>/bin/context : copy of or link to luametatex tex/texmf-<your platform>/bin/mtxrun.lua : copy of tex/texmf-context/scripts/context/lua/mtxrun.lua tex/texmf-<your platform>/bin/context.lua : copy of tex/texmf-context/scripts/context/lua/context.lua


mtxrun --generate                 : create file database
mtxrun --script fonts --reload    : create font database
mtxrun --autogenerate context ... : run tex file (e.g. from editor)

The tex/texmf/ folder does not exist yet.

Does this mean I have to create that part of the tree by hand (which means should I have unpacked the zip at /usr/local/context/tex/texmf rather than /usr/local/context)?I’d bet copying anything(copying mtxrun from
/usr/local/context/scripts/context/stubs/unix/mtxrun ?

Should I run install.sh – which I not did, assuming maybe wrongly that it would fail, and if so, which options?

Thank you for your time,


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