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> On 4/28/2023 6:08 AM, Aditya Mahajan via ntg-context wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > For a few months now, all features of tikz have not been working with LMTX.
> > After help from Hans and a bit of trial and error, I think that figured out
> > what was going wrong with the catcodes in m-tikz: Since the texcatcodes are
> > different from what tikz expects, the catcodes have to be set inside
> > \starttikzpicture (in addition to before the loading of tikz files, which
> > was already being done).
> > 
> > I am attaching the working m-tikz.mkxl file.
> > 
> > I have tested this on my course notes, which make extensive use of simple
> > tikz block diagrams and pgfplots graphs. Perhaps others who were having
> > issues with tikz could test if this fixes everything and, if so, we can add
> > this to the distribution.
> So, what is needed from tikz?
>             "graphics/pgf/base/pgf.tds.zip",
>             "graphics/pgf/contrib/pgfplots.tds.zip",
>             "graphics/pgf/contrib/circuitikz.tds.zip",
> Is there more that should be installed as reasonable basic set? 

I believe that these are the most popular ones. 

> I made a script that does fetch/installs it (and also wipes latex / plain
> /useless stuff afterwards including some shell etc scripts as we don't want
> those either - security risk etc -).

Does that mean that these will be now included as part of the lmtx install?

> Not being a tikz user I have no preferences but we can add some test files to
> the test suite if needed.

It may be good to add some basic files (e.g., the ones that I sent to you 
off-list) so that we may know if these packages break again.

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