ConTeXt users,

All ConTeXt Meetings are great fun, and the meeting organized by Jano
near Prague is particularly not to be missed!

I have been to a number of ConTeXt meetings (and organized one in 2015)
and each one has been quite memorable. I strongly recommend trying to
attend if at all possible. (Regretfully, Jano, I do not see how I would
be able to attend this year :-(


On Mon, 15 May 2023 19:15:59 +0200
Jano Kula via ntg-context <> wrote:

> Dear list members!
> Registration for the 17th ConTeXt Meeting
> <> is now open.
> We will meet at our favourite place close to Prague for the 3rd time.
> Come and join us to hear all the great news about new developments of
> ConTeXt and LuaMetaTex, meet developers and friends from this list.
> Better come in person, though registration for online participation
> for the small fee is open, too.
> Important dates:
>    - *May 15th 2023,* beginning of registration
>    - *July 31st, 2023,* deadline for early bird payment
>    - *August 20th, 2023,* registration closes, ask for options after
> this deadline
>    - *September 10th–16th, 2023,* 17th ConTEXt Meeting
> Never been to the ConTeXt Meeting? Don't worry, the group of regular
> participants is open and friendly, and you don't know what you are
> missing, unless you come at least once. Different discounts
> <> are available.
> See you in September!
> Jano
> on behalf of the ConTeXt Group Board
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