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What happened to \hidewidth? It looks as if it disappeared. See the 
accompanying MWE.

However, searching the ConTeXt source I find it used in enco-ini.mkiv, defined 
in syst-ini.mkiv, but commented out in syst-ini.mkxl.
Why is that? It seems a harmless definition, and its body is even used twice in 

I dare say, with all due respect, it is not pleasant (and a waste of time) to 
find working code suddenly broken because of leftout macro's. And I feel lucky 
to not having used \ialign, because something similar happened to it.
\hidewidth is a plain tex thing that is unlikely to work well with other code

\ialign is also something plain and as it sets everycr as well as tabskip and also can interfere

you can define these macros yourself and hope for the best wrt interference but i'm not going to look into such interferences


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