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just a short question: I was under the impression that ConTeXt would not look for system fonts unless we set OSFONTDIR explicitly; this appears to be the basis of the page Use_the_fonts_you_want on the wiki, and I prefer this behavior because it lets me control the fonts I want to use. Recently, however (when exactly? I don't know.) this seems to have changed, and ConTeXt now searches the system font directories by default. I found this out because one of my documents is set up to use the STIX2 fonts. In the most recent versions of macos, some files of these fonts are included as system fonts under /System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental, but not all of them. It took me some head scratching to figure out why every run complained about missing glyphs until I saw that ConTeXt was using the wrong font. I had to set the variable OSFONTDIR to some value to prevent this from happening. So my question is: is looking for system fonts by default the new standard? Is it a good idea?

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it is a tex live thing; you can just set that variable to nothing, in the environment or in a local file like in


normally texmf-fonts is where i put fonts and that one should win


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