Hi all,

\version[temporary] produces an error for me (see below).
Is this a permanent change, or is this version really just temporary? ;)

All the best,

Missing number, treated as zero

<to be read again>

<lua input>
<macro> \currentnote
    \vskip 6\points \hbox to \makeupwidth {\infofont \getmessage \m!system 
{27}:\space \currentdate \quad \donefalse \ifcstok \currentproject
    \currentproduct \ifcstok \currentproduct \currentcomponent \donetrue \fi 
\fi \ifdone \donefalse \else \ifempty \
<macro> \page_info_add_to_box
    #1->\scratchdimen \wd #1\setbox \b_page_versions \vpack to \ht #1{\vfill 
\settexthoffset \hsize \dimexpr \scratchdimen -2\texthoffset \relax \hkern 
\texthoffset \vbox to \zeropoint {\vss \page_info_place_info
    }\vkern \bodyfontsize }\dp \b_page_versio
<macro> \page_boxes_constructed_page_body
    ... \bgroup \boxmaxdepth \maxdimen \dontcomplain 
\page_marks_synchronize_page {#2}\page_boxes_construct_content \pagebox 
{#1}{#2}\page_backgrounds_add_to_main \pagebox \page_boxes_apply_offsets 
\pagebox \page_info_add_to_box \pagebox
    \ifcase \page ...
<macro> \page_boxes_constructed_page
    ...everybeforepagebody \starttextproperties \checkmarginblocks \expand 
\beforeeverypage \normalexpanded {\global \beforepage \emptytoks \expand 
\beforepage }\inpagebodytrue \pagebodymode \plusone 
\page_boxes_constructed_page_body #1#2
    \normalexpand ...

<line 3.5>

1 >>  \version[temporary]
3     \starttext
4     \input{tufte}
5     \stoptext
A number should have been here; I inserted '0'. (If you can't figure out why I
needed to see a number, look up 'weird error' in the index to The TeXbook.)
mtx-context     | fatal error: return code: 1

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