On 8/5/23 21:16, Marcus Vinicius Mesquita wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have a lot of latin words in a document with the length of the
> vowels indicated by diacritics, for example: fīlĭa.
> Is it possible somehow to make these words searchable without the diacritics?
> That is, if I make a search for filia in the final pdf file, fīlĭa
> would also be found?

Dear Marcus Vinicius,

in PDF (the format itself), ActualText is a way of providing a text
replacement for the displayed element.

If you use ActualText, the string you search is the text replacement you
provide. That way, you could find literally “whatever you want” (being
"filia" its ActualText).

Hans provides this jewel in back-imp-pdf.mkxl and back-pdf.mkiv (adapter
for your needs):

  text \pdfbackendactualtext{whatever you want}{filia} text

That being said, I think this is the wrong approach to your issue.

Firefox also disables diacritics by default (at least for me, this is
not a minor issue).

In any case, the PDF viewer used to search must have ActualText implemented.

I hope it helps,

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