On 9/17/2023 3:26 AM, Aditya Mahajan wrote:

I am trying to debug an unexpected behavior with tikz reported on tex.se: 

The attached file shows what is going wrong (without using tikz). For some 
reason, there is an extra \relax written to file after 
`\the\numexp\clf_lastypos\relax` (there is no such relax after 
`\the\numexpr\clf_lastxpos\relax`). The test.pgf file is:

   \macro {A}{23930350}{43358454.0\relax }
   \macro {B}{39564274.0\relax }{14083538}

Any ideas on why is the extra \relax written after lastypos and how to fix that?
i'll round the values

wrt relaxes, these can creep in as side effect of tex pushing back looked-ahead and not used tokens (there are wasy around this but it's not relevant here)


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