I did a test with Windows 10.

Installed a fresh copy from the garden, Got the GFS Didot font from Google
Fonts, and installed it system-wide (C:\Windows\fonts). After that, I ran

mtxrun --script fonts --reload

Then tried the pattern suggested but did not work. However, then I tried a
pattern without asterisks:

mtxrun --script fonts --list --pattern=didot --all

This returned the font:

C:\griego>mtxrun --script fonts --list --pattern=didot --all
identifier           familyname    fontname             filename
                        subfont   instances

gfsdidot             gfsdidot      gfsdidotregular
gfsdidotnormal       gfsdidot      gfsdidotregular
gfsdidotregular      gfsdidot      gfsdidotregular
theanodidot          theanodidot   theanodidotregular
theanodidotnormal    theanodidot   theanodidotregular
theanodidotregular   theanodidot   theanodidotregular

trying to render Pablo's example didn't work at first, but after i called
the fonts with the name returned by mtxrun:

GFS Didot:

\doloopoverlist{\tf, \it, \bf, \bi}
  {\recursestring\input aristotle-grc\par}

Theano Didot:

\input aristotle-grc

Everything compiles correctly, and the font is used. Since it's only a
single font file with no variants, you don´t get italics, bold etc. But the
font is being used.

Andrés Conrado Montoya
Andi Kú
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