Marco Patzer schrieb am 03.10.2023 um 12:31:

I struggle using the unit Farad (unit of capacitance):

The unit "farad" exists.


%% prints 10 10 ft
\unit{10 F}
\unit{20 ft}

\registerunit  [F=Farad]
\setupunittext [Farad=F]

%% prints 10 F 20 F⋅t
\unit{10 F}
\unit{20 ft}


When registering Farad as new unit it messes up feet. This looks
like a bug to me, since “20 ft” does not contain a capital “F” and
units are case-sensitive. How to use Farad correctly without messing
up other units?

The unit for feet is "foot" and "ft" is a combination of a prefix (femto) and a unit (tonne).

You can list the individual parts in the log file with the "physics.units" tracker.

To get a short unit you have to use the following method (it works because farad exists):

    \registerunitshortcut [F=farad]


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