On 1/18/2024 3:27 PM, Otared Kavian wrote:
Dear Dalyoung, dear Mikael,

I installed anew the whole LMTX tree and now everything is working fine.
I don’t know whether this is related or not, somehow in my previous tree I had a directory (or folder in the MacOS language) named « texmf-osx-64 » instead « texmf-osx-arm64 » and this apparently had consequences.

In any case everything works fine now.

Thanks to Hans, Mikael and all the people on this list!
concerning the prime, use

  $x\prime$ and not $x^\prime$ as you might want $x^2\prime$ some day

in the first case it's really a prime, in the second case a prime symbol in a superscript; in lmtx we have for each nucleus a presubscript, presuperscript, subscript, superscript and primescript (plus index ones)


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