Hi Willi,

I guess you already saw the other message that I really meant Wednesday, 14th, regardless of Valentine and Ash Wednesday.

In Germany, this is a day when political parties have a very unfriendly conference with extra polemic speeches. We can do better ;)


Am 12.02.24 um 19:48 schrieb Willi Egger:
Hi Hraban,

hm there is a incongruence of the date. Either it is Wednesday the 14th of 
February or Tuesday the 13th of February… Which correct?


On 10 Feb 2024, at 23:01, Henning Hraban Ramm <te...@fiee.net> wrote:

You’re invited to our regular online meet-up, this upcoming
Wednesday, February 13th, 19:00 CET (UTC+1)

at https://lecture.senfcall.de/hen-rbr-rku-oke
(same, but shorter: https://u.mtxrun.eu/ctxmtg)

ConTeXt users of all levels are welcome!

Do you have a subject that you’d like to talk about?
(I hope I’ll manage to show a poster draft…)

Looking forward to seeing you,

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