On 2/28/24 11:56, Bruce Horrocks wrote:
> [...]
> The sample works for me if you set plain A4 and doublesided, thus:
>  \setuppagenumbering[alternative={doublesided}]
>  \starttext
>  \samplefile{lorem}
>  \page[quadruple]
>  page before the quadruple (must be 3, not 4)
>  \page[yes, quadruple]
>  page before the quadruple (must be 7, not 8)
>  \stoptext
> This puts the "page before quadruple" text on page 4 which is the
> last side of the first four sides, if that makes sense.

Many thanks for your reply, Bruce.

\page[quadruple] works fine putting content on realpage numbers that can
be divided by 4 (with modulo 0).

As far as I get, Michael was looking to place content on realpage
numbers get modulo 3 when divided by 4.

At least, this is what would fit my needs to place the imprint on the
(excuse the Latin adjective [before the last]) penultima page of a booklet.

This is why beforequadruple would make sense. I guess some Lua magic
could do that, computing x to the follwing page that "x % 4 = 3" (and
then \page[x]).

I will try to find a trick for that, but not now.

Many thanks for your help,

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