Tuesday, November 15, 2005 Hans Hagen wrote:

>>Hans, I love you, will you marry me? ;)
> well, sending me a copy of your thesis once it's finished would be a
> good start -)

That's really not a problem :)

>>(BTW, I'm wondering if "auto" should be the default
>>indentnext setting for the displays? Or would that be
>>pressing too much? :))
> indeed too much a compatibility issue

> i was thinking of a module or so: m-indent (or s-indent) or maybe a more
> generic module with setups (m-setups), so that one can say:

> \setups[auto-indent]

> an alternative is to change (in the several
> \setupcommands) the yes/no's 
> into something autoyes and autono which will default to yes/auto no/auto
> depending on the global setting of yes/auto

Uh ... yes, I think something like



and then



Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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