> I'm going to clean up the beginners manual (at least the source code) so 
> i think this s a good moment to pick up the 'translation' thread
> So the question is:
> - what can go out
> - what should go in
> - what should be updated
> as well as:
> - who will participate (in translation)
> - how to deal with localization (maybe dedicated language related chapters)

As a beginner myself and typesetting in Portuguese I can tell
you what I had troubles with:

- mainlanguage
- Special characters as º (\ordmasculine and stuff like that).

And maybe not in the beginners manual but I think there
should be an updated manual about how to install context.

I'm still using a context version from 2004.08 as it is the
only one it worked for me. I downloaded as far as I remember 
the file mswincontext.zip , the stand alone version of
context, but the newer versions need Perl and Ruby to
be installed. 

By the way... Are there any sugestions on the installation
of Ruby and Perl on windows ? 

I think there should be some instructions
on how to install mswincontex.zip on any system, because the
dificulty in installing Context might drive some users away.

Anyway... Context is great ! I'm now typesetting my first
document with it. :)

Thank you,
Miguel Queirós

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