Thursday, November 24, 2005 Hans Hagen wrote:

> \def\setuprelativeinterlinespace[#1]%
>   {\processallactionsinset % \regelwit = dummy !
>      [#1]
>      [      \v!on=>\oninterlineskip,
>            \v!off=>\offinterlineskip,
>          \v!reset=>\setfontparameters,% just \setstrut, test first
> \s!unknown=>\assignvalue{#1}\regelwit{1.00}{1.25}{1.50}%
>                    \spacing\regelwit]}

> now, (apart from \regelwit being dutch), this value is used nowhere
> else, so this setting will not be seen afterwards

> in this respect it's not a bug but just a
> characteristics; however, it 
> would make sense to let it carry over, so ...

> i have to think about it

It setupinterlinespace does nothing, why is it present at
all? Can we get this fixed by the end of the week? It would
be nice if I could use it in my thesis.

Maybe also allow some numerical factor which would be a
percentage of the amount ConTeXt would choose by default? So

\setupinterlinespace[fraction=1] (default)
fraction = .5 (half *bleah*)
fraction = 1.6 (would give what is usually intended as


Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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