Thursday, November 24, 2005 Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:

> I'm using the latest ConTeXt reported here, and I'm noticing
> that partial contents for the second, third etc part are not
> available. I have a bunch of files each of which goes like

> \part{some part}

> Some text (not always)

> \placecontent

> \chapter{some chapter}

> Each of this file is \input from the master file. However,
> only in the first part you actually see the (part-specific)
> content: every other part reports

> system          : part,chapter,section,subsection not found/processed

> The setup for the contents is as follows:

> \setupcombinedlist[content]
>   [interaction=all,
>    partnumber=no,
>    alternative=c,
>    level=subsection]

> \setuphead[part][alternative=middle,placehead=yes,resetnumber=no]

> The problem is the 'resetnumber': if I take that off,
> everything works perfectly.

Can somebody please look into this? It's the last thing I
need to print my thesis ...

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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