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Since I ws dealing with some aspects of your questions recently ...

I'm working on it now, I've build my document following a complete structure (project, environment, products, components) as described in the manual, well done...
The layout is now as I want using \setuplayout.
Currently, I'm working on title. I've found the \setuplabeltext[fr][chapter=Chapitre] command to customize chapter name but then, I will draw a line or graphics under my chapter title and don't know how to deal with properly.

Moreover, I experienced some problems with TOC and the use of \title for my introduction chapter (I don't want numbering on this).
Eventually, how can I bypass header or footer for a chapter page ?

Thanks, up to now I'm very pleased with ConTeXt, METAFUN and METAPOST !!!

1. Lines under the chapter-title:
If it should be a simple line then you can use \setupbackgrounds[header][text][bottomframe=on].
   If it should be a graphical element one can think of approaches like:
           numeric w, h, repeats;
           path p[];
           w := OverlayWidth ; h := OverlayHeight ;
           repeats := abs(TextWidth/BodyFontSize);
           p[1] := unitsquare xscaled w yscaled h ;
           draw p[1] withcolor white;
           p[2] := fullcircle scaled BodyFontSize;
           p[3] := fullcircle scaled .25BodyFontSize;
           draw p[2] shifted (.5BodyFontSize,0);
           for i = 1 upto repeats:
               if odd i :
                   filldraw p[3] shifted (i*BodyFontSize+.5BodyFontSize,0);
               else :
                   draw p[2] shifted (i*BodyFontSize+.5BodyFontSize,0);


           [width= \overlaywidth,
               \headtext{chapter} #1

   \chapter{Here we go!}

2. Bypassing header and footer: \noheaderandfooterlines or \setuphead[chapter][header=high]

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