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1. Have align support with variable number of columns.
 a &= b
   &= c &+ d
   &    &+ e

should be typeset as

 a = b
   = c + d
       + e

At least this should be possible with \wall and \return (using the
"nath" module), like this:

a \wall = b \\
= c \wall + d \\
+ e

Unfortunately, if I use nath, I can not use underbrace inside \startstop align of nath. See a previous post of mine with the subject 'Nath bug?'. It will be nice if I can use both solutions.

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5. have a splitformula environment that allows

 a =& b
    & + c \\
    & + d

to come out as

  a = b
      + c
      + e        (1)

with only one formula number. The formula number should be at the last
line or the center of the whole formula, configurable by an option.
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Again, this is a \wall-\return thingy, but \placeformula places the
number vertically centered...

Is there someway in which the formula numbering can be forced to be at the bottom. Maybe by adding an option to setupformulae. Latex has a class option ctags/tbtags which controls this.

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