Title: Newbie question ConText


I am a Latex (MikTex 2.4, WindowsXP Pro) user and I want to learn more about ConText.

I installed ConText via the MikTex 2.4 package manager, and read some of the ConText manuals.

I also compiled successfully some of the ConText tex samples, but I ran into a couple of problems :

- First I would like to know the most recent stable version of ConText and where to get it.

- Looking at the logs of some of the runs e.g. compiling the MetaFun manual, I am running into font problems.
Error messages like : maketfm : No creation rule for font "ComputerModernSans-Bold"  pop up.

I saw some emails on this list dealing with the same problem, but I could not find a definite solution.

Thanks for your help

Kind regards

W. Neimeijer

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