Miguel Queiros wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Bib module and bibtex to create my bibliography.
> I would like to order it by author name, and I'v tried
> it using:
> \setupbibtex[database=opensource-educacao,sort=author]
> But didn't get the desired result. 
> Should I be using anything else ?

You need also:


Because the default is to sort by order of appearance
in \cite commands first, and only for the remaining
part use the bbl ordering.

> And now for the header question:
> I'm using the following code to change the font
> size of my header from 12pt to 10pt.
> \setupheadertexts[][\setups{ta}]
> \startsetups[ta]
>   \setupbodyfont[10pt]
>   \getmarking[chapter]
> \stopsetups
> Using \setupbodyfont[10pt] in this case
> is the best solution ?

\switchtobodyfont is somewhat better for this because
does not do as much as a full document-wide switch
(and is therefore faster).

You may even get away with only a single font command
like \tfx, but that does not work too well if there
are embedded math formulas or font switches in your

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