Hi all,

I have finally uploaded a new beta for the bib module. I really
hope this is the last one before a normal release in a week or


I do not intend to do any more work on the still open limitations/
wishlist at this time, because synchronisation with the standard
context distibution is becoming an issue. Only the documentation
still needs to be fixed, and of course any fatal bugs that may be
in this beta.

Compared to the november 23 beta, the following things have
changed (many thanks to the people who pointed out bugs and
submitted fixes):

   * Make right-aligned labels work even if autohang=no
   * Use 'et al.' instead of 'et.al.'.
   * Additional headtext for cz
   * Keep whitespace after \cite with single argument
   * Fix broken \cite-with-braced-argument
   * Fix \usepublications not finding it's files
   * Fix compressed version of authoryear style
!!* Renamed the \url and \type to \biburl and \bibtype

Most of those are only fixes and should not bother you, but
watch out for that last one, it breaks compatibility.
I really had to do this, because \url and \type clashed
heavily with predefined context commands, but it invalidates
some existent bbl files, sorry.

Cheers, Taco
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