Good morning.

Of course I'm glad there are more and more free fonts in the ConTeXt. 
The project you spead about sounds great. But may I ask you for a favor? 
Would it be possible to add one more zip file to the downloading page of zip file including all free fonts in 
the versions that are currently supported by the ConTeXt? I do not 
update my system very often, and that's why I often get into problems 
like this when I try to update ConTeXt. If it didn't spend a great deal 
of your time, it would help me (and perhaps more people) a lot. Thank 
you very much.

Yours thankful

>.>   i always try to incorporate such new things (fonts) into context as soon 
>as possible; the drawback of that is that when a beta font becomes updates, 
>one also may need to update context
>in the near future more font updates will take place; some of you may know 
>already that there is a new font project started in a few months where the 
>core of the free fonts in the tex distribuitions (times, paladio, etc) will be 
>updated: (1) merging the regular, quasi and vn variants, (2) provide open type 
>alternatives, (3) maybe add math support to all of them, (4) make them lm 
>glyph compatible [i.e. adding shapes] and maybe more; this project is being 
>substantially funded by CSTug, Dante, Gust, NTG and TugIndia, with TUG and 
>maybe other groups stepping in later. 
>since i'm one of the initiators of this project, you may expect context to be 
>an early adopter; you are warned 
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