On 2/15/06, Renaud AUBIN wrote:
>  I'm trying to use the gnuplot mode (texlive+ ConTeXt 2006.02.03) and the
> command texexec --pdf --mode=demo m-gnuplot results in a m-gnuplot.pdf where
> only the png is correctly displayed... All the m-gnuplot-gnuplot-*.pdf are
> unknown...
>  I assume I have missed something... But what ?

Not necessary. Gnuplot module might be a bit stubborn. I had many
problems, but they might have different reasons since many sifferent
pieces of software are sticked together:
- mp wanted to use cmr10, but that font was missing on standalone ConTeXt distr.
- texmfstart missing under windows
- gnuplot terminal compiled without pdf terminal
- missing TEXSYSTEM=miktex on windows box (or (p)gnuplot not present in path)
- on my personal I failed to compile gnuplot properly in order to produce PNGs
- serious problems with mptopdf under windows (CRITICAL!!!)

> Moreover, I use lucida fonts in my document. How to use lucida with this
> method ?

It depends on terminal. With PostScript terminal you can't do math.
With Metapost you can do math, but don't ask me how to change fonts to
lucida (try read "help terminal mp" if it helps you). Anyway I'm
affraid that you won't get lucida for math that way.

(I'll try to improve the metapost terminal a bit, but I have no idea
what to do with fonts.)

Perhaps you could use LaTeX (or any other LaTeX-related terminal like
PSTricks for that), but this is not supported by the module yet.

However, read my other mail(s) that I'll send today about "set
terminal context". (I don't find any of the existing terminals good
enough, so I would like to make a superior one.)

>  I have a working example with
> \setupGNUPLOT[method=mp,option="hlhr8r"] but the math gives
> CM... Moreover, how to deals $\vec{x}$ or \Milli \Meter for example ?

Forget about ConTeXt commands with "method=mp". This makes plain
metapost files and labes are processed with plain TeX, which doesn't
have any idea about the fonts you use in the document.

If you manage to make lucida work with plain TeX, the only option I
currently see is something like
    set title '{\input my-defs \bf Title}'
where you store your definitions in a separate file or
    set title '{\font\a=hlhr8r sa 2 \a Title}'
(just guessing, I don't know the exact syntax).

But you probably don't want to do that.

>  This time, I eventually use LaTeX with \usepackage{lucidabr} and "set term
> pst" to produce .ps, then use ps2epsi to obtain an .eps with a correct
> bounding box and to finish psttopdf. I include the resulting .pdf with the
> standard method... It is not the easy way !

That's what I was talking about a bit earlier.

Hans, would it be possible to support pst terminal as well (PSTricks I
suppose)? This one needs more than one command to get the resulting
pdf I suppose. (I won't need it, but if there are other users who
could make use of it ...)

>  Now, considering the gnuplot module: I have seen that in the resulting
> .gpd, there is a lot of ";" . Since all my .gp scripts are empty of ";" at
> the end of lines, I'm asking if this is correct ?

Ask Hans. I don't know why he likes them so much (I would remove
them), but they should be harmless. They're there because of


And a final word: I finally installed "something to compile gnuplot
with" yesterday. I have the first pre-alpha ;) "set terminal context"
working and I will need both Hans and Taco's hand as well as
gnuplot/metafun users to help me with
suggestions/requests/brainstorming about how to implement certain
parts, so that the output will remain highly configurable regarding
fonts, colors & styles, but more about that in another mail.

(Some serious problems with mptopdf on windows disturb me a lot, but I
hope I'll find a way out. I can't make textext work, so I'm using the
standalone ConTeXt in the moment, but this has to be fixed for other
MikTeX users as well.)


On 2/16/06, Adam Lindsay wrote:
> And for the text versions? That's what I was offering, to do a lot of:
> \starttypescript [serif] [lucida] [texnansi]
>    \definefontsynonym [texnansi-lbr]   [hlhr8y]  [encoding=texnansi]
>     etc.

Has nothing to do with Gnuplot, but I agree with Adam.
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