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> What have I to do?

You'll have to tell ConTeXt to use the Italian glossary instead (and hope it's
ok...) so the labeltexts (and hyphenation) gets fixed.

This is how I do it for our Spanish manual and how I adjusted the few labeltexts
our translator didn't like; these go into the setup section of the file, before

% Language specific settings for the Spanish version

%Uses the Spanish hyphenation module and labeltexts

% Changes the default label IllustraciĆ²n to Figura
% as that's the term the translators preferred
% Note the space after the text!
\setuplabeltext[es][figure=Figura ]
\setuplabeltext[es][see=ver ]

I don't *know* for sure, but my somewhat educated guess is that


would be the key to success for you.

See the "big manual" (ConTeXt the manual), pages 131-132 for more information.

(Hmm... if this isn't in the wiki yet, it should probably go there. I can do a
bit later...)


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