Title: math tests - subformula ref's and symbols \oiint \oiiint like in Latex AMS

I am using Context for the second time now and I am investigating
the pro's and con's before migrating my Latex documents to Context.
So far I am really impressed with Context capabilities.
Now I am testing some of the math I typeset with Latex to
determine whether or not to use Context.
In Latex I am using the ams math packages and knowing that there is
a amsl module for Context I did some test such as
\def\wdiv{{\rm div} \:}
\def\rot{{\rm rot} \:}
\wdiv \vec{E} & = \frac{\rho}{\epsilon_{0}} &\formulanumber{.a} \cr
\rot \vec{B} & = \mu_{0} \:\vec{j} &\subformulanumber{.b} \cr
\wdiv \vec{B} & = 0 &\subformulanumber{.c} \cr
\rot \vec{E} + \frac{\partial \vec{B} }{\partial t} & = 0 & \subformulanumber{.d} \cr}
How can I refer to these subformulas in my running text ?
As I am typesetting a lot of math in my physics doc's I use a lot of integration symbols amongs others.
In Latex I use \oint, \oiint and \oiint, even a quadruple int to indicate space - time integrals. Even I defined
a tex command for the surface integral.
I also found the Context \showmathcharacters which gave me most of the math symbols from the amsl module.
However I did not found alternatives for \oiint, \oiiint unfortenately.
I discovered the \definemathsymbol in several context tex files, I was wondering if it is possible to
setup my own \oiint, \oiiint, \oiiiint ... symbols ? If yes, my problem is I can't find any docu's on the usage of \definemathsymbol ?

Any help appreciated
Kind regards

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