Hans Hagen wrote:
> Peter Rolf wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> I've searched for an answer some time ago
>> http://archive.contextgarden.net/message/20051230.132510.4dba9fed.en.html
>> Meanwhile I've solved the problem and the solution is quite simple. Only
>> some minor changes are needed, to bound the state of fields to the state
>> of their surrounding PDF layer. I attached a 'small' example file and
>> two diff files for patching.
>> So what is this good for? For example think about multilayered control
>> fields (stack), which appear in the form of a tabular box (one tab
>> active at a time). Every tab can contain any kind of interactive field.
>> No more mouse interaction (and ugly gfx glitches) with hidden fields, if
>> the surrounding PDF layer is switched off.
> So what you propose is to have an automatic relationship between layers 
> and widgets?

yes. everything between a \startproperty[layer] and \stopproperty
belongs to this layer. if the layer is deactivated, everything should
not only be hidden but also be inactive. this is the only way to stack
layers with interactive elements.

>> To Hans:
>> - Dunno if the name \currentPDFlayer is o.k., or if there is a better
>> place for it's (re)initialisation.
>> - The fields are still active (only hidden), if the outer layer is
>> deactivated (nested). Is the outer layer not part of the child layers
>> OCMG? Reading the PDF reference manual is much harder than reading your
>> sources...
>> So it's up to you, if and how this is added.
> What you do basically comes down to having a default connection between the 
> layers key of widgets and the current layer. This is ok but need to be a 
> configurable feature. I'll think about it. 
o.k. thx.

> Hans 
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