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The sections in Slovenian have to be numbered wih dots at the end:

1. Introduction
2. Contents
2.1. Subsection
2.1.1. Subsubsection
2.1.2. Subsubsection
2.2. Subsection
2.3. Subsection
3. Bibliography

rather than

1  Introduction
2  Contents
2.1  Subsection
2.1.1  Subsubsection
2.1.2  Subsubsection
2.2  Subsection
2.3  Subsection
3  Bibliography

There are many commands in ConTeXt which support "delimiter" key, but
here the delimiter already stands for the dot delimiting subsequent
numbers in this case.

There's a possible solution listed on
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Dotted_number_in_caption, ie:


but this cannot be built into "languagespecifics" as such since it
interferes with user-defined "numbercommands" (if the user defines his
own numbercommand, the dot would disapear).

This is low-priority (can be circumvented and done properly if
needed), but I would be very glad if an additional keyword & its
setting could make its way into "languagespecifics" once in the future
if possible.

LaTeX people did that (not aplicable to ConTeXt at all):

\renewcommand\thepart         [EMAIL PROTECTED]@part}
\renewcommand\thesection      [EMAIL PROTECTED]@section.}
\renewcommand\thesubsection   [EMAIL PROTECTED]@subsection}
[EMAIL PROTECTED]@subsubsection}
\renewcommand\theparagraph    [EMAIL PROTECTED]@paragraph}
\renewcommand\thesubparagraph [EMAIL PROTECTED]@subparagraph}

  [EMAIL PROTECTED]@section.}}

Also, Part 1 may be written as "1. poglavje" (with dot) or "Poglavje
1" (without dot), so there has to remain an option to remove a dot
only for a certain title if necessary.

The only online reference I know (list of mistakes in babel) is
written in Slovenian
but I guess that the content can at least partially be evident from
the TeX sources.

Once again the same comment as the last time with itemizing. If this
will ever be implemented and added, it will change the behaviour (and
break the old behaviour in a way), but I guess that there are not so
many people typesetting Slovenian in ConTeXt yet. There will be less
harm if a few old documents are fixed than if tons of other newer
documents are typeset wrong.

Thanks a lot,
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