Hi Hans,

I've analyzed the situation using different combinations of regimes and 
encodings, including switching off handling (\donothandleactivecharacter) and 
it seems to me, that every text with chars > 127, which is fully expanded (as 
in 8bit.tex), must cause difficulties, because TOC entry read back from TUO is 
scanned independently and thus spaces are gobbled.

Now I have solved it using not-stable solution -- I am using triple sequence of 
\expandafter to expand \XMLflush after \chapter instead \expanded. The solution 
is not stable as it is ConTeXt implementation dependent.

On the other side, now I do not know, how to partially expand code 
\chaper{\XMLflush{XMLTag}} to obtain sequence of simple unexpanded chars. 
Simple \expandafter is not sufficient, more \expandafters is dirty trick and 
full expansion (\expanded) leads to TOC entry problem. In TeX source this 
cannot occur (or can occur in strange situations :-), in XML source this is 
almost rule.

Maybe it would be useful to have in XML engine macro, which expands XMLdata 
exactly to get read (original) content (like mine triple \expandafter). Maybe 
such macro already exists and I am a real fool :-)

Thank you for help, have a nice day,


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> Martin Kolařík wrote:
> > Aha, here maybe will be the solution :-)
> >
> > I'am using standalone Win32 distribution from Pragma and I'm 
> running texexec with --translate=cp1252cs. Typescripts use il2, 
> which corresponds to fonts, of course. If I run the code without 
> XML (if I transcribe XML to \chapter etc.) I get toc entry correctly too.
> >
> > Where should I look for more? What is natural.ctx?
> >   
> this is a one-to-one translation vector, and the one standard 
> used by context; forget about all those other mappings, they can 
> be done using regimes; you can use an il2 input regime, and any 
> (resonable) font encoding, 
> Hans 
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