Martin Kolařík wrote:
> Hi Hans,
> I've analyzed the situation using different combinations of regimes and 
> encodings, including switching off handling (\donothandleactivecharacter) and 
> it seems to me, that every text with chars > 127, which is fully expanded (as 
> in 8bit.tex), must cause difficulties, because TOC entry read back from TUO 
> is scanned independently and thus spaces are gobbled.

Hi Martin,

we have discussed this problem a year ago. In that time I solve it just 
writing '{}' in each title where was needed, like

   \chapter{Dobré{} ráno}

Now I have cooked an automatic solution. It is not optimal (effective) 
but working. The only needs is to redefine


and to load appropriate encoding file once more. Since it is banned a 
new macro \reuseencoding was introduce:

For Hans:
It would be nice if this feature was enabled in a standard distro. 
Perhaps you will find some more optimal solution...





\writetolist[chapter]{1}{Dobré ráno}
\expanded{\writetolist[chapter]{2}{Dobré odpoledne}}


> Now I have solved it using not-stable solution -- I am using triple sequence 
> of \expandafter to expand \XMLflush after \chapter instead \expanded. The 
> solution is not stable as it is ConTeXt implementation dependent.
> On the other side, now I do not know, how to partially expand code 
> \chaper{\XMLflush{XMLTag}} to obtain sequence of simple unexpanded chars. 
> Simple \expandafter is not sufficient, more \expandafters is dirty trick and 
> full expansion (\expanded) leads to TOC entry problem. In TeX source this 
> cannot occur (or can occur in strange situations :-), in XML source this is 
> almost rule.
> Maybe it would be useful to have in XML engine macro, which expands XMLdata 
> exactly to get read (original) content (like mine triple \expandafter). Maybe 
> such macro already exists and I am a real fool :-)
> Thank you for help, have a nice day,
> Martin
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>>Martin Kolařík wrote:
>>>Aha, here maybe will be the solution :-)
>>>I'am using standalone Win32 distribution from Pragma and I'm 
>>running texexec with --translate=cp1252cs. Typescripts use il2, 
>>which corresponds to fonts, of course. If I run the code without 
>>XML (if I transcribe XML to \chapter etc.) I get toc entry correctly too.
>>>Where should I look for more? What is natural.ctx?
>>this is a one-to-one translation vector, and the one standard 
>>used by context; forget about all those other mappings, they can 
>>be done using regimes; you can use an il2 input regime, and any 
>>(resonable) font encoding, 
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