Hello Peter,

> \start ... \stop mark the boundaries of the local (layout) setup, which
> is defined between \startlocal ... \stoplocal. This way you don't need
> to redefine your old layout after a local (one page) style change.
> ConTeXt returns to the prior layout automatically.
> So deleting them is no good idea (results in extra work for you) :)

Yes, I noticed that... :)

> If you can make a minimal example of your buffer problems...

Ok, I'v attached the example. It seems that If I use 
\start \startlocal and \stop and \stoplocal I get some errors...

Thanks for your help!
Miguel Queirós


Página 1.

\NC test \NC test \NC test \NC \FR
\NC test \NC test \NC test \NC \MR
\NC test \NC test \NC test \NC \LR

Página 2.

% It works if you place a comment \start \startlocal and \stoplocal and \stop
% It wont work without the "%"

% \start
% \startlocal
\placetable{Just an example}{\externalfigure[teste.tmp]}

% \stoplocal
% \stop

Página 3.

Página 4.

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